Albon: Our car is very sensitive to gusts of wind

Albon: Our car is very sensitive to gusts of wind

In Qatar, Logan Sargent came close to qualifying ahead of his teammate for the first time this season, but in the final seconds of the first session Alex Albon improved and moved into the second part, while Sargent moved from fifteenth to sixteenth. In the second part, Albon set the fourteenth fastest time and did not reach the final for the third time in a row.

Alex Albon (14th): “We only did one training session, where the wind got in the way and there were balance problems – in such conditions it was difficult to find the optimal settings. But that’s what happens on sprint weekends – you have to be prepared in advance, but we had some problems, which was a bit disappointing.

We can make some minor changes in the evening, but nothing that will help withstand the gusts. Everyone is on an equal footing, but unfortunately the wind affects our car more than other cars. The car’s behavior changes with every turn, making it impossible to find a rhythm. You have to fly instinctively – it’s interesting, but difficult.”

Logan Sargent (16th): “Good day. Before this weekend I had to take a step in the right direction and I took it. The best part is that there will be another chance on Saturday. I know I could have gotten better on the second try, but I didn’t succeed – it’s disappointing.

I didn’t know the circuit, so it was important to get used to it quickly. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made with the team in training and the adjustments we made before qualifying proved to be correct. I got almost everything out of the car, although as I said, it could have been a little better. I’m sure everyone can say that.”

Source: F1 News

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