Verstappen: There are many of our fans in Austin

Verstappen: There are many of our fans in Austin

Red Bull Racing is optimistically looking forward to the American podium…

Max Verstappen: “The Grand Prix lies ahead with the Saturday sprint, where it is always difficult to find the optimal balance in one training session. Judging from the weather forecasts, the weather will be warm again, so another difficult stage awaits us.

Our team has many nice memories of this place. This is a stage with a unique atmosphere, there are many of our fans in Austin, they will come and support us again. I’m looking forward to seeing the car livery that our fans have come up with. This must be cool!”

Sergio Perez: “For me, the Austin and Mexico City stages are two of my favorite races of the year; I feel incredible support on these tracks. I may not hear it in the cockpit on the track, but I feel it perfectly.

I know I need to get back to my best in Austin. I’ve been working at our base in Milton Keynes over the past week to prepare as best I can for the upcoming stages. We had some good briefings and I spoke to my engineers to make sure we knew where we were doing well and where we needed to make improvements.”

Source: F1 News

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