American Grand Prix: track and statistics

American Grand Prix: track and statistics
date Route Circle length Kroogov Distance
20-22/10/2023 Circuit of America 5513 m 56 308,405 km

Formula One races were held on many urban and stationary tracks in the United States, but Grand Prix racing, which previously had a strong European base, was more of a guest than a host in the United States. Only with the opening of the Circuit of The Americas in Austin did Formula 1 find its American home base.

In May 2010, a ten-year contract was signed to organize the American Grand Prix in Austin from 2012. “For the first time in the history of Formula 1, a world-class circuit will appear in the US, specially built for the Grand Prix” , Bernie Ecclestone said at the time.

The development of the project was again entrusted to the design bureau of Hermann Tilke, and the promoter of the stage was former racer Tavo Hellmund – it was his idea and he took up its implementation with pleasure. Construction was halted several times due to legal and financial problems, Hellmund was eventually suspended, but the circuit and associated facilities were completed on time – in September 2012 the circuit was licensed.

Characteristics of the trajectory

Circuit of America. 56 laps of 5513 meters = 309.732 km. 20 turns. Counterclockwise movement. The longest straight stretch is between turns 11 and 12 and is over a kilometer long. The car drives here for almost 20 seconds at a time with the accelerator pedal fully depressed.

The aerodynamics have been adjusted to a medium, closer to high level of downforce. 10 braking zones, in four the deceleration is very intense. Brake wear is medium, closer to high. The time required for a pit stop is 21-22 seconds.

The track has an interesting configuration: a fast first sector with a good combination of fast corners, towards the end of the lap the corners are slower and there is also a traditional back straight. The circuit is very varied, completing a lap requires good driving technique. Some sections resemble the best fragments of historical routes – this was Tilke’s calculation. The direction of movement is counterclockwise.

When tuning the cars, the teams focus on the high-speed sector, but it is important to achieve rear stability in slow corners. The downforce is medium, closer to high, but it is important not to lose speed in the first sector and the straight.

The circuit is demanding on engine power and recovery system efficiency, and the large number of ascents and descents makes oil pressure control critical. Fuel consumption is high, but not the highest.

Pat Symonds, technical director of Formula 1: “One of the few circuits that runs counter-clockwise presents unusual challenges for the teams. The configuration involves a large number of left turns, so drivers will have to adapt to unusual strain on the neck muscles, and teams will have to adapt to cars entering the pit lane from the opposite side.

The circuit has several classic corners that you also encounter on other circuits. In particular a section reminiscent of the Maggots-Becketts-Chapel link in Silverstone. The eighth corner of the Istanbul circuit is recreated here with several peaks, which we really miss, the Arena section of Hockenheim, there are corners inspired by the “esques” of Senna in Interlagos and the Sebring-Auspuff Kurve combination of Spielberg . In general, there are many interesting turns, but because of this the average speed here is quite low.

The lap features a significant elevation change, with the straight uphill to Turn 1, which presents particular challenges as the summit is at the top of a hill. Entering a corner is somewhat blind; the braking point there is difficult to estimate.

There is a good chance to regain the position in the braking zone at the end of the straight. The track is much wider than average, the drivers have many opportunities to attack their opponents in different stages, and since the safety zones are wide, you lose almost nothing if you make a mistake.”

American Grand Prix in Austin

Weekend schedule

You can follow the progress of all Formula 1 sessions on our live broadcast page.

Schedule of the American Grand Prix. Moscow time
Day Event Time
20/11 Formula 1. First training 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM
21/11 Formula 1. Qualifying 00:00 – 01:00
21/11 Formula 1 sprint shootout 8:30 PM – 9:15 PM
22/11 Formula 1. Sprinting 01:00 – 02:00
22/11 Formula 1. Parade of pilots 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM
22/11 Formula 1. US Grand Prix 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Tire kits issued to teams for the weekend

In 2022, Austin changed the asphalt again and laid a new foundation to strengthen the areas around turns two and ten, but the American circuit still remains the bumpiest.

Austin has high tire wear, so medium and hard tires are usually used in the race, and soft tires only in qualifying.

This year, Pirelli will again launch the three ‘medium’ compounds: C2, C3 and C4, with the designations Hard, Medium and Soft.

Performance of current riders in the US

Performance of current pilots during the American Grand Prix
Racer GP Glasses Circles Best pool 1st row fast
stage victory
All leader get started finish
F. Alonso 15 61 644 2 2 2 1 2
L. Hamilton eleven 217 633 315 1 1 4 8 2 10 6
S. Perez 10 56 502 4 3 3 1
D. Riccardo 10 49 470 7 3 3 2
V. Bottas 9 67 412 31 1 1 1 1 1 1
N. Hulkenberg 8 22 278 4 6
M. Verstappen 7 107 364 77 1 1 1 2 4 2
K. Sainz 7 36 336 1 6 1 1
K. Magnussen 6 6 274 7 8
E. Okon 5 8 262 6 6
L. Walk 5 240 5 eleven
S. Leclerc 4 40 199 4 3 1 1
P. Gasly 4 179 8 12
L.Norris 3 18 168 6 6
D. Russell 3 eleven 165 4 5 1
A. Elbon 2 10 112 6 5
Yu.Tsunoda 2 3 111 10 9
G.Zhou 1 56 18 12
Oscar Piastri did not participate in the American Grand Prix; Logan Sargent only took part in the free practice.

Max Verstappen: “I always look forward to coming back to Austin. COTA is fun to drive, with long straights, slow, tight corners and flowing, high-speed sections – everything you want on any race track. The most interesting part is probably the first turn because the top is blind to it due to the uphill.”

US Grand Prix podium

US Grand Prix: all stages
date Route Pool Winner
23/10/22 Austin K. Sainz Ferrari M. Verstappen Red Bull
24/10/21 Austin M. Verstappen Red Bull M. Verstappen Red Bull
03/11/19 Austin V. Bottas Mercedes V. Bottas Mercedes
21/10/18 Austin L. Hamilton Mercedes K. Raikkonen Ferrari
22/10/17 Austin L. Hamilton Mercedes L. Hamilton Mercedes
23/10/16 Austin L. Hamilton Mercedes L. Hamilton Mercedes
25/10/15 Austin N. Rosberg Mercedes L. Hamilton Mercedes
02/11/14 Austin N. Rosberg Mercedes L. Hamilton Mercedes
17-11-13 Austin S. Vettel Red Bull S. Vettel Red Bull
11/18/12 Austin S. Vettel Red Bull L. Hamilton McLaren
17/06/07 Indianapolis L. Hamilton McLaren L. Hamilton McLaren
02/07/06 Indianapolis M. Schumacher Ferrari M. Schumacher Ferrari
19/06/05 Indianapolis Yes. Trulli Toyota M. Schumacher Ferrari
20/06/04 Indianapolis R. Barrichello Ferrari M. Schumacher Ferrari
28/09/03 Indianapolis K. Raikkonen McLaren M. Schumacher Ferrari
29/09/02 Indianapolis M. Schumacher Ferrari R. Barrichello Ferrari
30/09/01 Indianapolis M. Schumacher Ferrari M. Hakkinen McLaren
24/09/00 Indianapolis M. Schumacher Ferrari M. Schumacher Ferrari
10/03/91 phoenix A. Senna McLaren A. Senna McLaren
11/03/90 phoenix G. Berger McLaren A. Senna McLaren
04/06/89 phoenix A. Senna McLaren A. Prost McLaren
19/06/88 Detroit A. Senna McLaren A. Senna McLaren
21/06/87 Detroit N. Mansell Williams A. Senna Lotus
22/06/86 Detroit A. Senna Lotus A. Senna Lotus
23/06/85 Detroit A. Senna Lotus K. Rosberg Williams
08/07/84 Dallas N. Mansell Lotus K. Rosberg Williams
24/06/84 Detroit N. Pique Brabham N. Pique Brabham
05/06/83 Detroit R. Arnoux Ferrari M.Alboreto Tyrrell
27/03/83 Long beach P. Tambe Ferrari D. Watson McLaren
25/09/82 Vegas A. Prost Renault M.Alboreto Tyrrell
06/06/82 Detroit A. Prost Renault D. Watson McLaren
04/04/82 Long beach Cesaris A-Romeo N. Lauda McLaren
17-10-81 Vegas K. Reutemann Williams A. Jones Williams
15/03/81 Long beach R. Patrese Arrows A. Jones Williams
05/10/80 Watkins Glen B. Giacomelli A-Romeo A. Jones Williams
30/03/80 Long beach N. Pique Brabham N. Pique Brabham
07/10/79 Watkins Glen A. Jones Williams J. Villeneuve Ferrari
08/04/79 Long beach J. Villeneuve Ferrari J. Villeneuve Ferrari
01/10/78 Watkins Glen M. Andretti Lotus K. Reutemann Ferrari
02/04/78 Long beach K. Reutemann Ferrari K. Reutemann Ferrari
02/10/77 Watkins Glen D. Hunting McLaren D. Hunting McLaren
03/04/77 Long beach N. Lauda Ferrari M. Andretti Lotus
10/10/76 Watkins Glen D. Hunting McLaren D. Hunting McLaren
28/03/76 Long beach C. Regazzoni Ferrari C. Regazzoni Ferrari
05/10/75 Watkins Glen N. Lauda Ferrari N. Lauda Ferrari
06/10/74 Watkins Glen K. Reutemann Brabham K. Reutemann Brabham
07/10/73 Watkins Glen R.Peterson Lotus R.Peterson Lotus
08/10/72 Watkins Glen D. Stewart Tyrrell D. Stewart Tyrrell
03/10/71 Watkins Glen D. Stewart Tyrrell F. Sever Tyrrell
04/10/70 Watkins Glen JX Ferrari E. Fittipaldi Lotus
05/10/69 Watkins Glen J. Rindt Lotus J. Rindt Lotus
06/10/68 Watkins Glen M. Andretti Lotus D. Stewart Matra
01/10/67 Watkins Glen G. Hill Lotus D. Clark Lotus
02/10/66 Watkins Glen D. Brabham Brabham D. Clark Lotus
03/10/65 Watkins Glen G. Hill BRM G. Hill BRM
04/10/64 Watkins Glen D. Clark Lotus G. Hill BRM
06/10/63 Watkins Glen G. Hill BRM G. Hill BRM
07/10/62 Watkins Glen D. Clark Lotus D. Clark Lotus
08/10/61 Watkins Glen D. Brabham Cooper I. Ireland Lotus
20/11/60 Riverside S. Moss Lotus S. Moss Lotus
12/12/59 Sebring S. Moss Cooper B. McLaren Cooper

Source: F1 News

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