Pujolar: We still strive to stay ahead of Williams

After the results of Friday’s practices at the Mexican circuit, Valtteri Bottas rose to 4th place as per protocol, bringing back memories of last year’s Grand Prix of Mexico City, where the Finnish Alfa Romeo driver started from 6th position and finished at the top. ten.

Heavy Pujolar, chief race engineer of the Swiss team, emphasized that they will try to perform at the same level or even better at the Rodriguez Brothers Circuit.

Heavy Pujolar: “If we remember Austin, we looked good on one fast lap. But then we started having problems because of the pace of the race. Last year in Mexico we performed well in both qualifying and the race, so we will try to repeat or even better those results. However, we will see because the rivalry is very intense and we have to understand how events will develop over the weekend.

All teams in the middle of the pack are in approximately the same situation, and since the results are very compact, anyone who introduces technical innovations can immediately move to higher positions. There is little difference between the leaders in this group and the people behind them.

Sometimes you manage to perform well in qualifying, but as the race progresses the situation becomes more complicated and can differ from circuit to circuit – depending on the tires and weather conditions. But we hope that in Mexico we can confidently work all days of the weekend – this is exactly the goal before us.

In the Constructors’ Championship we are still aiming to stay ahead of Williams and achieve seventh place. But now teams like AlphaTauri and Haas have joined, so depending on the results of the races in Mexico City and Sao Paulo, the situation could change quickly. It is extremely important for us to perform as well as possible here and in Brazil, and then it will become clear whether we can really claim 7th place in the team competition or not.”

Source: F1 News

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