A new contract has been agreed with Leclerc, but not with Sainz.

We recently wrote that Ferrari started negotiations with both drivers about contract extensions, but at the time there was no information about the timing of possible agreements.

Today, Gazzetta dello Sport, based on information received from its sources, offers some very intriguing details.

The authors of the text in the authoritative Italian publication do not insist on 100% accuracy, but write that a multi-year contract has practically already been agreed with Charles Leclerc, which will not expire until 2029. Reportedly, all basic agreements have already been reached, and all that remains is to clarify some legal nuances.

If this is true, Charles’ association with the Maranello team will last thirteen years – the countdown should start in 2016, when he was accepted into the Ferrari Racing Academy.

As for Carlos Sainz, the situation is different. According to Gazzetta, negotiations are also underway with him, but the Spaniard is still unsure whether or not he agrees to the proposed conditions. According to rumors, Carlos wants to sign a contract for at least two years, while Ferrari only offers him a one-year contract. only for 2025.

A possible reason for this approach is that Maranello does not want to miss the opportunity to invite another talented driver in the future. Among the possible candidates is Lando Norris, whose contract with McLaren expires in 2025.

“But McLaren could be the team Sainz moves to in the future, although a vacancy at Red Bull could also open up for him if Sergio Perez leaves,” adds the author of the text entitled: “Ferrari offers Leclerc a large contract. But what should Sainz do?

Source: F1 News

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