Austrian Grand Prix: tire change order on track

After the finish of the Austrian Grand Prix, Pirelli published information on the remote tire change procedure…

racer Get started 1 pit stop 2 pit stops 3 pit stops 4 pit stops
Sh.Lecler C4N C3N(26) C3N (49) C4N (58)
Mr Verstappen C4N C3N(13) C3N (36) C4N (58)
L. Hamilton C4N C3N(28) C4N (51)
D.Russell C4N C3N (11) C3U (40)
E. Okon C4N C3N (16) C3N (44)
M. Schumacher C4N C3N (16) C3N (43)
L. Norris C4N C3N(14) C3N (43)
K.Magnussen C4N C3N (15) C3N (41)
D. Riccardo C4N C3N (12) C3N (44)
F. Alonso C3N C3N(27) C4N (57) C4N (58)
V.Bottas C4N C3N(06) C3N(39)
A.Elbon C4N C3N (11) C3N (41)
L.Stroll C4U C3U(29) C4U (48)
G.Zhou C3N C3N(24) C4N (46)
P. Gasly C4N C3N(14) C3N (20)
Yu.Tsunoda C3N C4N (26) C3N (46)
S. Vettel C3U C4U (20) C4U (44)
C. Sainz C4N C3N(27) C3N (50)
N. Latifi C4N C3N (12) C3N(35)
S.Perez C4N C3N(01)

Abbreviations: C3 – Hard, C4 – Medium, C5 – Soft. N- new. You – rolled. In brackets is the number of laps completed before the pit stop.

Source: F1 News

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