Norris: Without the penalty I would have been sixth

McLaren is generally satisfied with the results of the weekend, which started with some difficulties and ended with both drivers earning points.

Lando Norris (7th): “I am more or less satisfied. We won back several positions and earned points. There was only one problem: a 5 second penalty for crossing the track limits and the first two or three warnings I got at the start of the race. After the fourth a penalty was imposed, but here it is generally very difficult to stay on the track and not go over the white line. Especially when you’re attacking, flying to the limit and trying to hold onto rivals ahead of you.

Without the penalty I think I would have finished sixth ahead of Mick Schumacher. But he did well – he rode fast and worked well with rubber. And yet we earned points, so the day is not bad.

The pace of the car was relatively high, so we have reason to be happy, but we need to keep refining the MCL36, look for further improvements and keep attacking in the coming races.

Daniel Riccardo (9th): “Obviously our goal was to earn points. I think the team should be happy because after the race we are already much better than on Friday. Both cars are in the top ten, which is good.

During the first stint I had problems with the left front tire as I locked the wheels on the brakes before the 1st corner which caused some problems.

The impressions of the car were worse than yesterday, because even without a bald spot on the steering wheel we had problems with the front tires, especially with the left one. But I think we did well and did our best.

I would like to be ahead of Kevin Magnussen, but I have to be happy with the 9th result. Since we have earned points and partly minimized possible losses, this already makes me happy.”

Andreas Seidli, Team Principal: “Both drivers scored points – a good result after a difficult weekend in Spielberg. Yesterday we were able to bounce back and start in the Grand Prix from 10th and 11th position, and the task for today was just to get ahead.

At the end of the Austrian Grand Prix we took 7th and 9th place – which is good as we were prevented by several problems on Friday.

Thanks to Lando and Daniel for showing their fighting spirit. The same goes for the whole team, because this weekend she had to work hard – just like in the previous stage, which took place a week ago.

Today we worked flawlessly, so we got the results we expected. Thanks to everyone who has worked here, on the track and from within the team, thanks to our colleagues, the Mercedes mechanics, for helping us earn eight very valuable points.

Now we wait for a short break and for the next race we have to recuperate, analyze the results and then get back to work in the stage in France.

Source: F1 News

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