“Verstappen has a much better chance of winning the title than Leclerc. ‘Ferrari’ is less reliable” – expert

Winner of the “Renault” World Series Nikolai Martsenko explained why the Dutch rider “Red Bull » Max Verstappen most likely, will win the second title.

On Sunday, the race was held as part of the 11th stage of the Austrian Grand Prix Formula 1 championship. The pilot was the winnerFerrari » Charles Leclerc of Monaco, the overall leader Verstappen finished next.

– Of course, I’m sure Verstappen’s chances of winning the title this year are much better than Leclerc’s. Red Bull is more reliable – it’s one, it’s better in tactics – it’s two. Of course, Max is already off to a great start. My friends after the first stages of the season said: “Leclerc will be the champion!” And I retorted, said that Ferrari would still have time to ruin the season for them and Leclerc. Also, the Scuderia doesn’t have such a clear position on the first and second driver, like at Red Bull, but the main one, again, is the reliability issues.

Yes, Leclerc has now won the Austrian Grand Prix. But it’s important to note that Red Bull made a fast car on the straights. So every time Verstappen starts second he has to get into the DRS zone, and sooner or later he will always get around Charles. And the Ferraris, when they catch up with the Red Bulls, they stop in the corners and they can’t do anything on the straights. There were already three consecutive DRS zones. How many times will this repeat itself? Not very often. Three DRS zones in a row – this allowed Charles to get closer, to apply pressure. The point is that Red Bull always sees a car approaching an attack for a long time and knows there is a huge straight-line speed advantage. Yes, they are slower in the corners, they don’t have as much downforce compared to the Ferrari. But in races in general, Charles catches up, the car rests, but he cannot take full advantage of the DRS zone, because he is very slowly approaching the opposing car. I think Red Bull has a great concept and they are going to win this season,” Martsenko told .

According to the results of past races, Verstappen, who has 208 points, leads the driver standings, Leclerc with 170 points is in second place.

Source : MatchTV

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