Newey: We didn’t expect the season to go this way

Newey: We didn’t expect the season to go this way

The head of Red Bull’s design headquarters, Adrian Newey, summarized the season in the Formula For Success podcast…

Adrian Newey: “At the start of the season we were sure it would be a difficult year. No one expected the season to go this way. Well, then we just watched what happened as we went from one race to the next.

Actually, I’ve never been happy with the car. We’ve had a fantastic season, broken records, but there are always things in the car that we think can be improved.

You do not think about success, but look for weaknesses and try to eliminate them. It is thanks to them that we did not win the race in Singapore. And for us this is very useful, because we completely failed, but we saw some weaknesses in the car.

You have to think about that: “How can I improve this? How can we eliminate these problems next year? And just move on.”

Source: F1 News

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