Athletistic / Formula 1 German driver “Haas” Mick Schumacher shared his emotions after his performance in the last weekend of the Austrian Grand Prix.

“The main thing I learned is that we are all human and everyone can make mistakes. And every driver, if under pressure, can make a mistake.

Yes, it was important for me to realize that so that I was not afraid to impose a fight on any opponent on the track.

We showed that we had great potential, both in the car and in the drivers. We know what we need to work on to become even stronger. At the start of the season our car looked very solid, but then our rivals started experimenting. At one point we were able to deviate a bit from finding the optimal settings for the car, but then came up with a great tuning option, when competitors can sometimes also have problems. And all this translates into results like in Austria”, – quotes the words of Schumacher “”.

Recall that in Saturday’s sprint at the Austrian Grand Prix, Schumacher managed to hold off the star Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton for a long time, and in the race the German finished sixth.