Survey results for the 2023 season

Survey results for the 2023 season

In January we summarize the results of the traditional annual survey, ending the description of the events of the past season. We didn’t take multiple votes into account – here are only answers from unique questionnaires!

Age, experience as a fan

The largest age group is between 34 and 44 years old. 95% of the survey participants are male, 61% have higher education. The majority of our audience (46%) has been following Formula 1 for more than 25 years.

Which rider were you looking for?

This nomination provided multiple choice, so the result was in any case the share of the public as a whole.

In 2012, Petrov took first place, in 2013 – Raikkonen, Kvyat was in the lead for two years, then again Raikkonen, and in 2019 and 2020 most of the public followed the successes of Charles Leclerc. In 2021, Max Verstappen topped the rankings.

In 2022, Leclerc returned to the front line and in 2023 Fernando Alonso replaced him on the front line. The most unpopular rider this year is Guanyu Zhou.

Season 2023: Which current Formula 1 driver are you rooting for?
Fernando Alonso 48.60%
Charles Leclerc 36.96%
Lando Norris 29.46%
Oscar Piastri 19.42%
Max Verstappen 19.24%
Lewis Hamilton 16.68%
Carlos Sainz 16.60%
George Russell 13.42%
Daniel Ricciardo 11.12%
Sergio Perez 9.50%
Alex Albon 8.84%
Nico Hulkenberg 7.82%
Liam Lawson 5.92%
rest <5%

2022: Leclerc (44%), Alonso (28%), Verstappen (25%)

Which team were you rooting for?

There is also multiple choice in this category. Ferrari is traditionally in first place, McLaren and Aston Martin are in the top three and Alpine is the most unpopular team.

Season 2023: Which current team are you rooting for?
Ferrari 38.34%
McLaren 28.44%
Aston Martin 23.38%
Red Bull racing 18.49%
Mercedes 15.96%
not really 9.65%
Williams 7.13%
AlphaTauri 2.35%
Hare 2.31%
Alfa Romeo 1.93%
Alps 1.59%

2022: Ferrari (43%), Red Bull Racing (25%), Mercedes (19%)

How would you rate the past season?

If the previous season received an A for the first time in many years of the survey, the 2022 and 2023 seasons received four points. We agree with this assessment.

How would you rate the past season?
four 40.39%
three 30.43%

Team that has made the most progress

McLaren and Aston Martin deservedly took the top positions in this category, pushing Ferrari and Mercedes out of the top three…

Season 2023: Team that has made the most progress
McLaren 60.69%
Aston Martin 19.17%
Red Bull racing 12.56%
Williams 3.27%
rest < 2%

2022: Red Bull Racing (39%), Ferrari (22%), Mercedes (12%).

The best team to work in the pits

The fastest pit stop in 2023 was made by McLaren mechanics, but more often than not the Red Bull Racing mechanics turned out to be the best…

Season 2023: Best Pit Team
Red Bull racing 57.29%
McLaren 31.31%
rest < 3%

2022: Red Bull Racing (81%), McLaren (5%).

Best team of the championship

Red Bull Racing had an incredible season, without mistakes or failures, giving almost nothing to its rivals. McLaren returned to the top three, and Ferrari dropped out…

Season 2023: Best team of the championship
Red Bull racing 84.55%
McLaren 5.69%
Mercedes 2.61%
Ferrari 2.40%
rest < 2%

2022: Red Bull Racing (85%), Mercedes (7%), Ferrari (3%)

The team that failed the season

Haas and Ferrari led last season’s losers. AlphaTauri deservedly took third place – much more was expected from the team…

Season 2023: The team that failed the season
Hare 38.37%
Ferrari 16.56%
Alfa Romeo 11.74%
Alps 9.90%
Mercedes 6.13%
AlphaTauri 5.75%
rest <5%

2022: Ferrari (33%), Mercedes (22%), AlphaTauri (18%)

Dear debutant

Oscar Piastri

There were three debutants in the 2023 season; Oscar Piastri rightly topped the rankings in this category…

Season 2023: Best Newcomer
Oscar Piastri 72.10%
Liam Lawson 18.87%
I find it difficult to answer 7.36%
Logan Sargent 1.67%

2022: Nick de Vries (50%), Guanyu Zhou (28%)

Best driver in qualifying

Charles Leclerc

One of the most objective nominations, where factors other than pure speed are virtually unimportant. Charles Leclerc took first place for the second year in a row.

Season 2023: Best driver in qualifying
Charles Leclerc 46.71%
Max Verstappen 38.50%
rest <4%

2022: Charles Leclerc (63%), Max Verstappen (21%).

Disappointment of the season

Red Bull Racing’s dominance has become the biggest disappointment of the season for most fans…

Season 2023: Disappointing season
Dominance of Red Bull Racing 45.54%
Liberty Media’s unwillingness to see the Andretti team among the participants 20.41%
cancellation of the stage in Imola 8.73%
disqualification of Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton in Austin 6.76%
Felipe Massa’s decision to sue the FIA ​​and Formula 1 5.54%
rest <5%

The best and worst race

Start of the Singapore Grand Prix

Readers called the Singapore Grand Prix the best race of the season – it turned out to be really interesting and was the only one in which a non-Red Bull driver won. The Las Vegas Grand Prix was recognized as the worst, but here opinions were divided – in the list of the best races, this stage took second place.

Best engine

The Red Bull Powertrains/Honda power unit was again recognized as the best, which is quite logical…

Season 2023: Best motorcycle
Honda RBPT 60.56%
Mercedes 15.94%
I find it difficult to answer 11.95%
Ferrari 10.79%
Renault 0.75%

2022: Red Bull Powertrains (54%), Ferrari (20%), Mercedes (16%).

Best driver performance

Max Verstappen’s successes made an impression, the rest of the performances received far fewer votes…

Season 2023: Best Driver Performance
Max Verstappen all season 36.85%
Alonso in Brazil (from 4th to 3rd place after battle with Perez) 18.44%
Sainz in Singapore (win from pole position) 11.78%
Piastri in Qatar (win in the sprint and 2nd place in the race) 9.46%
Alonso in Canada (2nd place in qualifying and race) 6.81%
Hamilton in Mexico (from 6th to 2nd place) 3.77%
Norris in Great Britain (2nd place in qualifying and race) 3.71%
rest < 2%

Best start

Oscar Piastri’s excellent start in Qatar was recognized as the best in this category…

Season 2023: Best start
Piastri in Qatar (from 6th to 2nd) 20.59%
Norris to Sao Paulo (from 6 to 2) 19.14%
I find it difficult to answer 18.80%
Walk through Las Vegas (from 7 to 9) 15.14%
Alonso in Japan (from 10th to 6th) 13.91%
rest < 3%

Dear team leader

Christian Hoorner

Christian Horner is again the leader in this category. In 2023, he was confident and convincing, seemingly oblivious to his opponents. He actively defended the interests of the team and willingly commented on its successes, basking in the glory.

Season 2023: Best Team Leader
Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing) 55.43%
Andrea Stella (McLaren) 13.91%
Toto Wolff (Mercedes) 10.11%
rest <5%

2022: Christian Horner (68%), Toto Wolff (17%), Andreas Seidl (3%).

Best racer

Max Verstappen

The poll for the best driver is always the most interesting, combining results on the track with the sympathy of the fans. But all positions in this nomination are absolutely deserved!

Season 2023: Best Driver
Max Verstappen 62.60%
Fernando Alonso 16.21%
Charles Leclerc 5.12%
Lando Norris 4.91%
Lewis Hamilton 4.87%
rest < 2%

2022: Max Verstappen (61%), Charles Leclerc (10%), Fernando Alonso (7%).

Best car

Red Bull Racing RB19 is considered by fans to be the best car of the last season, and the old leader – the Mercedes team – scored less than 1%…

Season 2023: Best car
Red Bull RacingRB19 90.95%
McLaren MCL60 2.74%
rest < 2%

2022: Red Bull (84%), Ferrari (11%).

Person of the Year

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso became “Person of the Year”, proving that age is no obstacle to real success…

Season 2023: Person of the Year
Fernando Alonso 38.77%
Max Verstappen 29.57%
I find it difficult to answer 9.75%
Oscar Piastri 4.32%
Mohammed bin Sulayem 3.26%
Lewis Hamilton 3.20%
Michael Andretti 3.03%
Lando Norris 2.27%
rest < 2%

2022: Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel (20%), Fernando Alonso (14%), Dietrich Mateschitz (12%)

Other questions

What number of phases do you consider optimal?
21-24 43%
18-20 40%
Which team car do you think has the most beautiful color scheme?
Ferrari 35%
McLaren 16%
Aston Martin 16%
Are you in favor of increasing the number of stages with sprints?
No 67%
Yes 25%
Have you become less likely to follow Formula 1 news due to the lack of public broadcasts in Russia?
No 71%
Yes 20%
Do you support the emergence of a new team in Formula 1?
Yes 90%
No 6%
Do you expect a transition to new technical regulations in 2026?
Yes, it will increase competition 67.58%
I find it difficult to answer 19.07%
no, the transition to the new regulations will not affect the balance of power 13.36%

Source: F1 News

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