Lewis Hamilton answers questions from fans

Lewis Hamilton answers questions from fans

Lewis Hamilton is now on winter vacation and even on social networks he is not active, but today the Mercedes team shared his answers to questions from fans, mainly dedicated to the results of the past season.

Q: Do you name your cars?
Lewis Hamilton: For fun, I named my car “Tallulah” – the name comes from “Tight Corners”, one of my favorite movies.

Question: Which member of the Mercedes team would you like to swap roles with for at least one day?
Lewis Hamilton: Maybe with Toto Wolff, because he’s the boss. It would be great to be the boss for a day and boss everyone around!

Question: What do you prefer to do during the summer holidays in the championship and during the winter holidays?
Lewis Hamilton: In the summer I like to take trips to the mountains on ATVs with my friends. We usually stop somewhere halfway and play paintball. My bulldog Roscoe loves to ride the ATV – if you take him off and put him on the ground he tries to climb back up. He generally loves it when I take him out.

And in winter I completely relax, wear comfortable loose clothes, do not really care for my hair – in general, it does not bother me.

Q: If I asked you to pick one race track, what would you name it?
Lewis Hamilton: The Nürburgring Nordschleife or the city ring of Macau.

Question: If you were given the choice: become the director of the movie “Top Gun” or fly to Mars, what would you rather do?
Lewis Hamilton: Making a movie like this about military pilots with Tom Cruise would be cool. I mean, I wouldn’t mind going to Mars, but no one’s there.

Q: What historical era cars would you like to drive?
Lewis Hamilton: What I probably enjoyed most was driving the McLaren MP4/4, which Ayrton Senna once raced.

Q: What is your favorite career moment?
Lewis Hamilton: My favorite moment was when I first came into Formula 1. We just couldn’t believe it, because before that there were many difficult periods when we already started to think that nothing would work out. But we never gave up.

When I won my first race, which was in Montreal in 2007, I stood on the podium and saw my father below, this was the best confirmation that everything was not in vain – all our efforts, the time spent on travel and difficulties. that we have overcome.

Q: What was the most important lesson you learned last season?
Lewis Hamilton: Complex issue. I think this year has made me more resilient. I was impressed by the example of perseverance our team set, how everyone kept pushing and never gave up. I have also learned to have compassion for myself.

Q: What has been the highlight of your off-track career?
Lewis Hamilton: Meeting with Nelson Mandela. I remember asking him, “What advice can you give me?” And he replied, “I will continue to study every day.” Moreover, he was already over 90 at the time. He was the most important source of inspiration for me.

Q: What were the best and toughest moments of the 2023 season?
Lewis Hamilton: I spent the Easter holidays with my family on the island of Bali and had a wonderful time there with my nephews. This was probably the best moment of the year. And the worst stage of the season probably took place in Qatar.

Q: What is your favorite part of a race weekend?
Lewis Hamilton: Start of the race. Right now we need to review everything we’re working on.

Question: Do you have a wish that you would like to fulfill in the future?
Lewis Hamilton: I would like to climb Everest. What appeals to me is that it is a serious challenge that really tests your physical and mental preparation. Can I handle it? Will I be able to reach the top? But I would make such an attempt to raise money for a good cause. And then go down from Everest by paragliding! I want to do this someday.

Source: F1 News

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