Albon: It’s hard to imagine Lewis in a red uniform

Albon: It’s hard to imagine Lewis in a red uniform

On the day of the Williams presentation, Alex Albon was not only asked about his team, he also had to give his opinion on the upcoming separation of Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes.

“Like everyone else, I was shocked by the news that Lewis would move to Ferrari,” Alex said in an interview with Sky Sports News. – Usually some inside information about these types of transitions appears in advance, a week or two before official statements, but I was in Spain at the time, so when I found out everything I was no less surprised than others.

But this is great, because every noise contributes to the popularity of Formula 1, and this is one of the loudest news stories in the transfer market for a long time. Although I still find it difficult to imagine Lewis in a red uniform.”

Of course, Albon was immediately asked if he was thinking about the vacancy at Mercedes that will open next year, especially because his contract with Williams expires then and he and George Russell are good friends.

“To be honest, I haven’t thought about it yet,” Albon said. “Now all this is hidden from prying eyes, although somewhere behind the scenes the work has already begun. I am fully focused on my duties at Williams because the team is now on the rise and I am trying to do the best job possible.

I see interest in Williams constantly growing, this is because of our results and there is so much talk about the team because we performed well last season. I would like there to be more reasons for such conversations, so that our results are as high as possible.

I repeat: the most important thing for me now is my work at Williams. A lot will depend on how we conduct the first races of the season – we need to understand how much we have been able to improve compared to last year. This is the most important thing right now.”

Source: F1 News

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