Leo Turini: Let this magical dream never end!

Leo Turini: Let this magical dream never end!

Leo Turini, one of the most experienced professionals in Italian motorsport journalism, is known for often resorting to original images and providing unconventional assessments when commenting on race results. And it is another question how the reading public reacts to this: for example, this is what he likes to propose, albeit in jest, to do to Carlos Sainsoo before the next stage of the championship…

Don’t wake me up, don’t let this magical dream end! A new dawn is breaking on Ferrari’s horizon.

Carlos Sainz is just kind of a monster. Until recently, I was afraid that his strength would leave him because he wasn’t in the best physical shape after recently having surgery to remove his appendix. And now I’m ready to propose that we remove something else from him before the Japanese Grand Prix so that he can win in Suzuka.

I am not interested in discussions about the correctness of personnel decisions made in Maranello with an eye to the future, and such discussions are inevitable. I understand these decisions, they have already been made and no one will change them. But it would be wrong to talk about it today, think for yourself.

Charles Leclerc also had a good race. I can imagine that he is now cursing himself for Saturday’s failed qualifying, even though Carlos’ triumph seems ideal.

The whole Scuderia worked perfectly. This obviously applies to both the way the pit stops were carried out and the car. This is the first Ferrari-winning double the team has achieved in the Vasseur era. Now it is imperative to repeat it, and as soon as possible.

As for the retirement of Max Verstappen and the performance of Sergio Perez, who was virtually invisible during the race, I have no illusions here. However, it should still be noted that Red Bull Racing should not be considered such an invincible samurai.

But please, please, don’t wake me…

Source: F1 News

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