Zach Brown: There is real harmony on our team

Zach Brown: There is real harmony on our team

On Friday in Melbourne, McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown spoke about the team’s progress…

Question: Zach, a year ago in Melbourne McLaren took last place in the Constructors’ Championship, and now you’re in third place – serious progress in 12 months…
Zac Brown: Yes, everything is going much better now. Last year in Melbourne we earned our first points of the season, and even then we were lucky with an incident at the end of the race.

Everyone at McLaren works hard. We started the season by building on the progress we made in the second half of last year. The battle in the middle group has never been so intense, we must continue to work with full dedication. We have built a very competitive car, but our rivals are not standing still.

Our riders are doing great, there is harmony in the team, we are in good shape to keep improving and moving forward. I am very happy that there are still many races waiting for us this year.

Question: You’re talking about harmony. You have always paid a lot of attention to team culture. How did this change as results improved?
Zac Brown: All our employees on base and on the track are real racers, just like with other teams. But if you look at the teams that have been dominant over the years, there has always been a core of people who have worked together for many years, whether it is the dominance of Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Red Bull, etc. We So they are still a fairly young team, if we talk about the current line-up.

Andrea Stella is doing a great job, but he has only been working for a year… It will take a little more time to get it working. I think continuity, trust and relationships make a team strong. And we are working on it.

I am very happy that we have signed long-term contracts with our riders. We have a great team, we just need a little more time to reach the top.

Q: Oscar Piastri is performing in his hometown this weekend. He drove two excellent races, including in Jeddah, where he overtook Fernando Alonso twice. How do you evaluate his progress?
Zac Brown: Oscar is getting faster and faster. He’s not a rookie anymore. He goes fast from the first training and makes no mistakes. I think that based on the results of the first two races, the difference between our drivers is the smallest. This is what we want from them. They motivate each other and the team. I am happy with our pilot line-up.

Source: F1 News

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