Andrea Stella about Red Bull Racing’s tire problems

Andrea Stella about Red Bull Racing’s tire problems

Pirelli brought the softest C5 tires from its compound range to the podium in Australia. Many teams had problems with tire granulation, and the biggest tire problems were with the Red Bull Racing cars.

When McLaren boss Andrea Stella was asked after the race whether Red Bull Racing’s higher tire granulation than its rivals was due to the RB20 generating more downforce than competing cars, Stella replied with a smile: “If you know someone who has enough experience to clarify this issue, I will hire that person for the job immediately.

In Bahrain, Red Bull’s car was the only one that carefully used Soft tires, but the special thing about the circuit in Bahrain is that the tires do not grain on them at all. Granulation cannot be achieved because there is not enough grip to load the tires to the point where the rubber begins to granulate.

Australia has completely different circumstances than Bahrain. I remember during Saturday practice, when Max Verstappen did a long series of laps, his tires were practically worn out after ten to fifteen laps. Red Bull had no advantage on the track, where the tires are very soft and prone to granulation. This may have to do with the characteristics of a particular route.”

Source: F1 News

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