Prost warned Lewis of the difficulties of adapting to Ferrari

Four-time world champion Alain Prost commented on Lewis Hamilton’s decision to switch from Mercedes to Ferrari and warned of the difficulties he may face in adapting to his new cultural and working environment.

Prost once played for Ferrari, joining from McLaren, and insists that working for the Italian team comes with special pressure.

“The atmosphere at Ferrari will be an important factor, and it will be new for Lewis compared to Charles Leclerc,” Prost said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “He has played for Mercedes for so long, and this is an English team with its own way of working, and now he will have to move to the Italian team, where he will face a different kind of pressure, where there is a different way to work. of thinking, and he will also experience constant pressure from the press. It’s not all that simple.

I can understand his decision. When you drive for a team of Mercedes’ level, who haven’t won a race for the second year, who haven’t managed to get back into the lead, then given how old Lewis is, he probably said to himself: ‘ Okay. , why don’t you try to change something.”

I want to say that I don’t know if he has had the chance to go to Red Bull, but as long as Max Verstappen is there, that is absolutely impossible. In this case, you can switch to Ferrari, especially in anticipation of the change in the technical regulations, which will take place in 2026. Then Hamilton will have one to work with the team next year.

After 2026 he will already be 42 years old, and that’s a different story. But if he doesn’t want to end his racing career, I can understand him. The question is: did he make the right choice? I suppose the same question could be asked of Ferrari: did they make the right choice?

But it is good for Formula 1 because everyone watches the races. We can make some assumptions about how things will turn out, but in a year’s time our perception may change, because Hamilton will be a year older, and it remains to be seen whether his motivation will be restored when he drives for Ferrari.

I do not rule out that if Ferrari performs successfully, it will recover for a short time, perhaps a year.”

Source: F1 News

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