Carlos Tavares: Alfa Romeo returns to motorsport

Last weekend, Carlos Tavares, head of the Stellantis group, visited the Misano circuit, where a double round of Formula E took place, and promised in a conversation with the Italian press that the Alfa Romeo brand would return to motorsport, although he did not say when this could happen, and what race category are we talking about?

“Motorsport is an integral part of this brand’s DNA,” said Tavares. “A decision on this will probably not be made until the end of this year, but Alfa Romeo will certainly return. Every racing series is characterized by cyclicity: a confident start, further expansion, peak of popularity, decline and then a new start. You have to come to a championship at the right time.”

The Swiss team Sauber raced in Formula 1 under the Alfa Romeo brand from 2019 to 2023, after which rumors emerged that it would remain in the world championship, as that would be the name of the Ferrari engines that power Haas cars, but this didn’t happen. .

Tavares also mentioned another, no less famous Italian brand, which also left a huge mark on the history of motorsport. In the mid-1950s, Lancia cars were on the start line in Formula 1, but the Turin company, founded in 1906 by racer Vincenzo Lancia, achieved its most important successes in rallying: from 1974 to 1992. Its factory team won the world championship ten times . Lancia’s legendary Stratos, 037 and Delta drivers have won five titles and 73 WRC victories.

“We are reviving this historic brand, but before we think about returning to motorsport, we must ensure that the company’s economic growth allows us to finance such programs,” said Tavares. – When we created Stellantis, many people knocked on my door and asked me to sell Alfa Romeo, but I said no. No less often I was offered to close the Lancia company, but I also refused.

We already have Alfa Romeo back on track, and now it’s Lancia’s turn. We have the ability, the will and the passion to bring this brand back to motorsport, especially rallying, and this will happen as soon as the business model we have chosen allows it.”

Source: F1 News

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