General Motors will not let the Andretti project fail

General Motors has joined the fight for Andretti’s right to create a new Formula 1 team, which has been going on for several years. According to Eric Warren, head of the American company’s motorsports programs, they will not let Michael Andretti’s project fail.

General Motors plans to become a supplier of power plants for Formula 1 and expects to participate in the world championship in this capacity in 2028, but Andretti is ready to debut two years earlier, in 2026, and initially they will go to Renault use engines.

But GM from the very beginning plans to provide the future team with not only technical, but also political support, promising to convince Formula 1 management to give the green light to Andretti’s venture. Preliminary negotiations between Michael Andretti, his father Mario and Eric Warren with Stefano Domenicali have already taken place.

“From a technical perspective, the declaration that we are committed to this project has already been made, and we are not going to let it fail,” Warren told The New York Times. – Our company participates in races and achieves success in every racing series in which we participate.

Many Formula 1 specialists, high-level professionals, are constantly contacting us. They see what we do. People are aware of how we approach the development of the machine, all its systems, what are the capabilities of our infrastructure, what successes we have in all technical areas, including aerodynamics, in the field of CFD technologies, but also in the field of artificial intelligence.

This is not to say that we underestimate the complexity of the technical problems in Formula 1 – we understand what racing is, how to recruit talented specialists and of course we know how to invest in technology, using the strength of our company and its partners…

It seems to us that we can prove all this, we are already doing it and will continue to do so. We believe that when our two brands (GM and Andretti) join forces, we can offer fans something unique.”

As Warren highlighted, when GM made an official statement that its premium brand Cadillac became a partner of Andretti, it caused a very positive reaction from fans and the entire motorsport world, but the news that Formula 1 management rejected the formula’s application team was a shock to everyone.

“Clearly, when we read FOM’s response, we couldn’t agree with it, and I think the rest of the world couldn’t agree with it,” Warren continued. “This was clear from the public response, so the refusal did not stop us – we felt strong support throughout this process. This forces us to continue to fully demonstrate what we do.

The project is gaining momentum, its value is clear, and we hope that we will succeed, because ultimately we are trying to take care of the sport as a whole, for the fans around the world, and we have the support of General’s management Motors, our entire company, which gives the project special value. The challenge is to show our determination and commitment, to show what we can do.”

General Motors is among the world’s car manufacturers that have achieved impressive success in motorsport: suffice it to say that last year, with the technical support of this company, several teams achieved victories in races such as the Indy 500, Daytona 500, the American IMSA championship and the Australian Supercars series, as well as drivers from the Cadillac Racing factory team, were on the podium at the end of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Source: F1 News

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