Otmar Szafnauer defends Sergio Perez

In the first seconds after the start of the Miami Grand Prix, Sergio Perez was on the verge of serious trouble as he clearly overdid it and almost carried several cars off the track, including his partner’s Red Bull. But it worked and the Mexican eventually finished fifth, but after a penalty from Carlos Sainz he moved to the fourth line of the protocol.

As Perez later justified, he was unable to get normal grip on the track, but even in such conditions he showed good pace, and this was noticed by Otmar Szafnauer, who once managed the Force India/Racing Point team (now Aston Martin), for which Sergio performed until 2020.

“You could see that he was still able to avoid collisions with other cars at the start,” recalled Szafnauer, participating in the RacingNews365 podcast. “After that he showed a good pace and took 4th place – Perez started from this position by the way – and earned a lot of points for the team.

If you start the race from 4th position, your chances of making rapid progress are likely to be greatest at the start. You can play in multiple positions and many riders succeed. If you don’t do this, it will take much longer to complete this task as you will have to chase your opponent and wait for the opportunity to use DRS.

Overall Sergio is doing well and if I was in charge of the decisions I would keep him in the team. He has worked well with Max Verstappen, I think he is a good number 2 driver and performs well in the tasks the team sets him.”

Source: F1 News

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