Lando Norris: Another lap or two and I would have won

Lando Norris: Another lap or two and I would have won

Lando Norris fought with Max Verstappen for victory at Imola until the final laps – eight tenths separated them at the finish.

Oscar Piastri finished fourth and expressed his confidence that he will soon climb the podium.

Lando Norris (2nd): “It pains me to say this, but I think I would have won another round or two.

Too bad it didn’t work out. I fought hard to the finish but lost too much to Max in the first segment when he was noticeably faster. But in the second segment we already had a lead.

I think we can now happily say that we are performing at the same level as Ferrari and Red Bull. We still have to get used to this.

As always, everyone in the team is doing a great job, we are focused on the same areas as before, we are only now fighting for first or second place.

It’s a bit strange to say we’re disappointed not to have won the race, but after the win in Miami and the latest update to the car, we can expect that.”

Oscar Piastri (4th): “The last two weekends have been very good for the team and I had a great time there too. I am satisfied with how I performed. Of course I want to get better results, but I am sure that if I continue to act the same way, the results will come.

It is nice that we have the opportunity to sincerely say that we can fight for victories.”

Source: F1 News

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