Emilia-Romagna: Verstappen – Norris – Leclerc

Emilia-Romagna: Verstappen – Norris – Leclerc

Sunny. Dry. Air +25…26С, highway +44…41С

In 2024, the Imola stage took place on the thirtieth anniversary of the deaths of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna. The weekend started with a race organized by Sebastian Vettel for drivers, team staff and journalists, and actions in their memory were held every day.

Last year the stage did not take place due to flooding caused by heavy rain, but this time we were lucky with the weather: the first European Grand Prix was held under an almost cloudless sky and without precipitation.

Nine of the ten teams (all except RB) brought new products to Imola, which they tested over the weekend. On Friday, Leclerc led, Piastri posted the best time in third practice and Verstappen dominated again in qualifying, repeating Ayrton Senna’s record of eight pole positions in a row and Alain Prost’s record of seven pole positions in a row in qualifying. start of the season.

Piastri took part in Imola for the first time and, after setting the second fastest time in qualifying, was fined with the loss of three places at the start for blocking Magnussen. Alonso qualified 19th and started from the pit lane, but Sargent set no time and was allowed to start by decision of the stewards.

As a result, Verstappen and Norris started the race from the first row of the starting field, from the second – the Ferrari pair of Leclerc and Sainz, from the third – Piastri and again in front of his partner Russell – Lewis started only eighth.

Pirelli brought the softest tires to the podium – C3, C4 and C5 in Hard, Medium and Soft roles, and waited for one pit stop. In the race, Perez, Zhou and Sargent started on Hard, Gasly and Alonso – on Soft, the rest opted for Medium.

Verstappen retained his lead at the start. Sainz was ahead of Leclerc in third place, but Charles regained it. Tsunoda and Ricciardo lost two positions. Magnussen overtook Bottas and Zhou. Contact took place between Ocon and Stroll and both riders kept moving.

Top ten in round 2: Verstappen – Norris – Leclerc – Sainz – Piastri – Russell – Hamilton – Hulkenberg – Tsunoda – Perez.

On the 8th lap Alonso changed the tires – the Soft tires lost their effectiveness. When we left the pit lane, the brakes on the left front wheel caught fire. On lap 9, Albon, Gasly and Bottas made a pit stop.

On lap 10, Albon slowed with a loose left front tire, changed tires again and continued. The stewards gave Alex a 10 second penalty.

On the 12th lap, Ricciardo made a pit stop, on the 13th – Tsunoda, on the 14th – Hulkenberg.

On lap 18 Perez spun into the gravel but returned to the track and maintained his position.

On lap 18 Perez spun into the gravel but returned to the track and maintained his position.

On the 22nd lap Russell changed tires, on the 23rd – Norris.

Returning to the track, Russell overtook Ocon and Norris lost position to Perez on cold tires.

On lap 24, Piastri pitted and Norris was ahead of Perez at Tamburello.

On lap 25, Verstappen changed the tires and Albon served his penalty.

On lap 26, Leclerc and Ocon made a pit stop.

On the 27th lap, Leclerc overtook Perez in the battle for fifth place; Hamilton flew into the gravel, locked the tires under braking, but continued to fight.

On lap 28 Sainz and Hamilton switched tires.

On lap 29, Tsunoda and Hulkenberg passed Sargent.

On lap 30 Sainz passed Perez for fifth place. In the 31st, Russell overtook Sergio. Gasly and Albon made a pit stop.

On lap 32, Hamilton passed Stroll for eighth place. Sargent replaced the tires.

By lap 33, Tsunoda was ahead of Zhou in the battle for 12th place – and Guanyu went into the pits for a new set of tires.

On the 37th lap, Hamilton overtook Perez in the battle for seventh position – and Sergio turned into the pits. Stroll and Magnussen also changed tires.

On fresh tires Perez overtook Ricciardo and Hulkenberg.

Top ten in lap 41: Verstappen – Norris – Leclerc – Piastri – Sainz – Russell – Hamilton – Tsunoda – Perez – Hulkenberg.

On lap 42, Alonso made a pit stop. Perez passed Tsunoda.

On lap 47, Stroll passed Hulkenberg for 10th place.

On lap 49, Magnussen passed Zhou for 15th place.

On lap 51, Stroll passed Tsunoda for 9th place.

On lap 52, Magnussen overtook Bottas for 13th place.

On lap 53 Russell changed the tires; on lap 54 Albon put the car in the pits and retired.

In the closing laps, Verstappen complained about tire problems, Norris increased the pace, quickly closing the gap, but failed to attack Max.

On the 61st lap, Alonso, who was running last, stopped the car in the pits and retired from the race.

Max Verstappen won the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, taking his fifth win of the season and 59th of his career

Max Verstappen won the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, taking his fifth victory of the season and 59th of his career. Lando Norris finished second, less than a second behind. Charles Leclerc took the third step of the podium.

The battle continues next week in Monaco.

Race results

Pilot Team Time Speed Pete
1. M. Verstappen Red Bull 1:25:25.252 217,077 1
2. L.Norris McLaren +0.725 217,046 1
3. S. Leclerc Ferrari +7,916 216,742 1
4. O. Piastri McLaren +14.132 216,480 1
5. K. Sainz Ferrari +22.325 216,135 1
6. L. Hamilton Mercedes +35.104 215,600 1
7. D. Russell Mercedes +47.154 215,098 2
8. C. Perez Red Bull +54.776 214,781 1
9. L. Walk Aston Martin +79.556 213,759 1
10. Yu.Tsunoda RB +1 round 212,887 1
11. N. Hulkenberg Hare +1 round 212,580 1
12. K. Magnussen Hare +1 round 212,533 1
13. D. Ricciardo RB +1 round 212,482 1
14. E.Okon Alps +1 round 211,814 1
15. G.Zhou Sauber +1 round 211,772 1
16. P. Gasly Alps +1 round 211,577 2
17. L. Sargent Williams +1 round 211,522 1
18. V. Bottas Sauber +1 round 211,306 1
19. F. Alonso Aston Martin +1 round 210,543 3

Best lap: George Russell (Mercedes) – 1:18.859 (54th lap, 224.871 km/h)

Reasons for the meetings

Pilot Team Kroogov Cause
A. Elbon Williams 51 mechanical problems

Championship Position: Individual Competition

Championship position: Constructors’ Championship

Team Engine Glasses
= 1. Oracle Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT 268
= 2. Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 212
= 3. McLaren F1 Team Mercedes 154
= 4. Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team Mercedes 79
= 5. Aston Martin Aramco F1 Team Mercedes 44
= 6. Visa Cash App RB F1 Team Honda RBPT 20
= 7. MoneyGram Haas F1 Team Ferrari 7
= 8. BWT Alpine F1 Team Renault 1

Source: F1 News

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