Valtteri Bottas: Monaco is a challenge and I’m ready to take it!

Valtteri Bottas: Monaco is a challenge and I’m ready to take it!

Sauber is preparing for the Monaco race, which is traditionally considered one of the most important events of the season. Naturally, the Swiss team hopes that on a narrow, winding city circuit, where engine power and impressive aerodynamics are far from the most important factors, it will finally have the opportunity to earn points.

Alessandro Aluni Braviteam spokesperson: “Monaco needs no introduction, but despite the many things we have to do off the track, receiving team guests, we cannot let ourselves be distracted from the main thing.

Monaco is a unique circuit that requires special preparation, this applies to both the settings and the configuration of the car, because this weekend we will be installing a number of parts on it that are not used in other stages.

The team’s drivers and engineers also face special challenges, as success in this Grand Prix depends on many nuances. The team is working hard to prepare as best as possible, even though the previous race in Imola was only a few days ago.

We understand that it is very important for us to perform well, and we all remain as focused as possible to take full advantage of the opportunities that arise.”

Valtteri Bottas: “The stage in Monaco is special in every respect. It’s something of a throwback to a different era in motorsport history, both in terms of the circuit itself and everything happening around it this weekend.

This is an important event on the championship calendar and it is always fun. Moreover, since I live in Monaco, I go home every evening – of course, this is simply impossible on any other weekend of the season!

Serious tests await the driver in Monaco: this circuit requires not only precise driving technique, but also constant extreme concentration. There is no place to relax or focus on anything else – every mistake is punished. It is not easy there, but it is interesting.

In addition, qualifying in Monaco is even more important than at other circuits. Add to that the weather, which can change unexpectedly, and there are a lot of factors that could potentially influence the course of this race. But all this makes the upcoming race what it is, and I am ready to take on this challenge!”

Guanyu Zhou: “Every driver who aspires to get into Formula 1 dreams of driving in Monte Carlo since childhood, because this is one of the special stages of the season; Even those who don’t like motorsports know this race.

Obviously I’m looking forward to returning to this circuit after a difficult weekend at Imola. However, we learned some lessons for the future, and although the Monaco Grand Prix takes place on a track that is completely different in configuration and characteristics, much of that experience can now be applied to improve our competitiveness.

The most important thing here is the qualification; the results in the race largely depend on the results, so you need to work as efficiently as possible during training from the very first session, to prepare as best as possible for Saturday.

But this song can throw surprises at every turn; The chance that a safety car will appear is very high, but opportunities can also arise if you build your tactics correctly. We must be prepared for any development of events, and I am confident that we will be able to do everything as it should be.”

Source: F1 News

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