Christian Horner on new cost ceilings in 2026

In 2026, the concept of cost control will change. The amount will increase to $215 or $220 million, but will include more expenses. At the FIA ​​press conference on Friday, Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner commented on the situation.

Christian Horner: “We need an optimal balance. We have learned a lot from the current cost constraints. And I think the most important thing for 2026 is that employees do not suffer from these changes. There is now a reasonable discussion going on about what is included, what should be excluded, and what actually has to do with making a machine faster and more efficient.

For example, will a Christmas party really make your car faster? If these costs were included in the cost ceiling, every technical director would choose a new front wing over the party.

I’m not saying our technical director doesn’t like Christmas parties, but he does like the front fenders. A balance must therefore be found where employees do not suffer from these restrictions. Overall, this was a very productive and intelligent discussion. It is about finding a balance between what is exceptional and what is included in cost control.”

Source: F1 News

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