In Monaco, a photographer was injured in an accident on the first lap

One of the events that predetermined the outcome of the Monaco Grand Prix was a dramatic accident that occurred in the opening seconds of the race, caused by Kevin Magnussen and Sergio Perez.

But not only both Haas F1 cars, the Mexican’s Red Bull and the track fence were damaged – after the race it became known that an Italian photographer, who was on the right of the track on the slope leading to the Beau Rivage and Massenet corners , was injured.

The incident occurred when Magnussen tried to overtake on the right of Perez’s car, although there was practically no room for such a maneuver. Sergio’s RB20 drifted to the right in the final moments before impact, the left front wheel of Kevin’s car caught behind the right rear wheel of the Red Bull and spun across the track.

By the time of the collision, the cars had already accelerated to speeds of about 250 km/h, so the energy of the collision was colossal, the debris flew in different directions and the race was immediately stopped with red flags, after which the marshals had to repair fences.

But a group of photographers accredited for the race were at the exact spot where Perez’s car hit the barriers, unable to withstand the impact, and one of the photographers was injured, fortunately they were not too seriously.

“The most important thing is that we all stayed safe,” said Sergio after the race. – This was a very serious incident, which in my opinion could and should have been prevented. “I also hope that the photographers who were at that point on the route did not suffer any damage.”

However, race organizers reported that one of the photographers went to the medical center but was soon released as he had no serious injuries. And after the Grand Prix, a recording made by one of the spectators standing on the balcony of the house on the opposite side went viral on social networks – it shows a person lying on the sidewalk and debris lying around.

However, as confirmed by the FIA, the photographer “did not suffer any open wounds” and was even able to return to the circuit and continue to perform his professional duties.

Source: F1 News

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