Charles Leclerc: Since my childhood I dreamed of winning in Monaco

On Sunday, Charles Leclerc won his home race in Monaco and in the evening summarized the results of a successful weekend…

Question: Charles, congratulations on your win at your home track. Can it be called the most highly anticipated in your career?
Charles Leclerc: I think so. The victory at Monza in 2019 was also special. But I dreamed of winning in Monaco since I was a child. I remember watching this race with friends, with my father, who did everything he could to get me here. I feel like I not only realized my dream, but his as well.

On the podium, just like in the last laps, I had difficulty controlling my emotions. Two laps before the finish I realized I was going to win, I tried to see something at the exit of the tunnel because I had tears in my eyes. I thought about those who helped me along this path.

But this is only a victory, because, as for others, they give 25 points. There is a long season ahead. It’s great that I was finally able to win this race. Let’s move on.

Q: You say it’s just a win and 25 points, but the last time you won in Formula 1 was almost two years ago. Do you feel like there will be more wins now?
Charles Leclerc: The turning point happened a few races ago, but the car prevented me from winning the race. And here everything worked out. We did great. Since the start of the season I have worked a lot on my speed in qualifying and that has helped a lot here.

But you shouldn’t have your head in the clouds. Monaco has a unique circuit, it suited our car. This does not mean that we will continue to win until the end of the year, but we have made serious progress and will continue to put pressure on our opponents.

Question: There are only 31 points between you and Verstappen…
Charles Leclerc: Someone told me it was 23! Now I’m not thinking about fighting for the title. Let’s see how our new products perform on other tracks. I hope we can gradually close the gap.

Q: Was there a moment during the race when you thought you might miss out on victory? Remember Piastri’s attempted attack in turn eight?
Charles Leclerc: Yes, it was a very optimistic maneuver. But I had a reserve of speed. I had the situation under control. The car was fast and the tires worked efficiently. The most difficult part took place in the last fifteen laps, but psychologically. There were no negative thoughts, I remembered my years in karting, my dreams of winning in Monaco.

Q: I had breakfast with the Ferrari mechanics and they were very nervous. How did you sleep before the race?
Charles Leclerc: Fine. Saturday night I ordered my favorite pizza. This may not be the best pre-race meal, but I thought it would help me relax. And so it happened. I slept great.

Question: What kind of pizza was this?
Charles Leclerc: Margherita with prosciutto. And no pineapple.

Question: This is the third victory for Ferrari under Frederic Vasseur. Does the team now have what it takes to fight for the championship title again?
Charles Leclerc: Yes. I do not doubt it. From the first day he joined the team there was trust. He has a clear vision of what and how he wants to achieve. He doesn’t waste time, that’s his strong point. And I share this approach. I have no doubt that he is the right person and will lead the team to victory.

Question: At the award ceremony we saw tears in the eyes of Prince Albert II. What did he tell you? How did you feel?
Charles Leclerc: Yes, the prince was very emotional. We have known each other for a long time. I remember when I was twelve or thirteen years old, my father and I came to the palace to ask for support for my career. Since then he has always followed and supported me, so this victory was emotional for both of us.

Source: F1 News

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