Guido van der Garde: Perez is a very good number two

A day earlier, Red Bull Racing announced a two-year contract extension with Sergio Perez. Former Formula 1 driver Guido van der Garde thinks such a move by the champion team is logical, as Perez is perfect for the role of number two under Max Verstappen.

Guido van der Garde: “The option to invite Carlos Sainz would never have worked. If they had invited Sainz, things would have become tense between him and Verstappen and they would not have been able to work together.

At the moment Max is the best driver and Perez number two. Thanks to this hierarchy at Red Bull, everything is calm between teammates. As a No. 2 seed, Perez can win multiple races and finish second or third in the season, which will positively impact the team’s market value.

Red Bull made a logical choice and we knew this would be the case. Perez is a very good number two. Yes, he hasn’t looked at his best in recent races, but who else in Red Bull could be paired with Verstappen?

We must not forget that Sergio is very popular in Mexico, and this market is very important for Red Bull. This factor has also been taken into account.”

Source: F1 News

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