Bottas: There won’t be much news this weekend

Valtteri Bottas has had more unsuccessful seasons in his career, for example, he only managed to score his first points in the US in 2013, when he made his Formula 1 debut with Williams, in mid-November. But then he was a newcomer and now the Finn has 230 Grand Prix experience behind him, but behind the wheel of a car like Sauber has now, he cannot achieve anything.

However, according to Valtteri, the team is continuing to modernize the C44 and will test a new rear wing this weekend, which will allow it to improve on the straights.

Valtteri Bottas: “It wasn’t easy for us in Monaco and after that weekend we better understand what was wrong with our settings and how we should have acted, that’s clear. But we are still far behind our biggest rivals in qualifying, and we have not yet closed this gap.

I think the difficulties we had in Miami and Monaco are due to the nature of those circuits, but here in Montreal the circuit is different and let’s hope we can show better results this weekend. But the rivalry is very intense and the positive thing is that our car can maintain a good pace when racing. The most important thing is to try to rise to higher positions based on the qualifying results.

Recently, many teams have made significant progress and perhaps against this background we have set back somewhat, but in Canada we have introduced a new rear wing, which should work more efficiently. We hope this will allow us to improve on the straights, where we still lacked speed, especially in the DRS zones.

Work continues on other new features that we will receive in the next phases of the season, so we are not sleeping and will continue to try to improve ourselves.”

There is talk in the paddock that some teams are interested in Bottas’ services and are prepared to offer him a contract for 2025.

When Valtteri was asked how confident he was that his Formula 1 career would continue, he replied: “I am optimistic that I will stay in the championship. Gradually the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, this week we discovered the answer to another question, so progress has begun, and soon I will also have to decide one way or another.

However, Alpine’s decision not to renew the contract with Esteban Ocon does not affect this, and further developments depend on other people and other teams, but the situation is interesting and it is quite interesting to follow it. Overall we will wait and see, although I have a feeling there won’t be much news this weekend.”

Source: F1 News

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