Hamilton: Cars will still be too heavy in 2026

Almost exactly seventeen years ago, Lewis Hamilton took his first Formula 1 victory in Canada, with the seven-time world champion reaching the top of the podium seven times in Montreal. According to him, thanks to the progress that Mercedes has made recently, they can now count on a place in the top three again.

Lewis Hamilton: “We can say that this track is a kind of street ring, somewhat reminiscent of a go-kart track. Success here is achieved by racers who know how to brake late, but also by those who have an aggressive driving style. I believe this is the style that has set me apart for a long time.

I feel like our team is gradually improving, although everyone else is making improvements too, but I am very happy that we are making progress and closing the gap with Red Bull. I don’t think we are far from the podium, moreover, this weekend both team cars were equipped with technical innovations, and tomorrow we will see how they show up. And I will try to stay ahead of my partner in qualifying!”

Hamilton also shared his first comments on Formula 1’s technical regulations announced today, which will come into effect in 2026.

“The new regulations are, among other things, a courageous step. it’s about powertrains,” said Lewis. – But at the same time, the weight of the cars will decrease by only 30 kg, and they will still remain too heavy.

I’ve spoken to a few drivers who have already driven virtual models of these cars in a simulator – I haven’t yet – and they say they are quite slow. In general, let’s see whether this step was taken in the right direction or not. We just have to make sure the cars are efficient and fast so that the quality of racing improves as a result.”

Source: F1 News

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