Ocon: The track has improved thanks to the new asphalt

In Friday’s training for the Canadian Grand Prix, the Alpine team worked with three drivers: Jack Duane took to the track in the first session and Esteban Ocon returned to the wheel in the second session. Pierre Gasly has completed both training sessions and hopes that the changeable weather will continue for the rest of the weekend.

Esteban Ocon (11th): “Good day, although Jack couldn’t work well in the first training due to the bad weather.

During the day I was able to work on both dry and wet circuits, which was impossible during the first session, and collect useful information. The track has become a lot better thanks to the new asphalt. It’s more fun to drive – the stage organizers are great. I hope that we can fully test the new track surface on Saturday and I hope that we can achieve a good result in qualifying.”

Pierre Gasly (19th): “In general the car drove well, although the weather and heavy rain did not allow it to work properly, but everything was in equal conditions. The teams still have many questions, especially about the new asphalt. Let’s see what awaits us in the remaining sessions of the weekend.

Of course it would be great to perform like in Monaco, but we have to remember that Monaco is a unique circuit and we know where we are, given the current capabilities of the car.

I hope the weather remains changeable in the coming days, which will provide us with additional opportunities. We will continue to work hard to seize opportunities as they arise.”

Jack Duane (19th in the first session): “For me the first practice wasn’t the most exciting because I only did a few laps due to the weather. The forecast for the rest of the weekend looks uncertain, so it was important to save the tires and put a few sets aside in case it rains again.

I did an installation lap on rain tires and made sure the car was working properly. At the end of the session the track started to dry out and I did the exit lap from the pits on soft tires and practiced the start.

Despite everything, we managed to collect useful information. Ultimately, the weather is out of our control, but we did what we could under the circumstances.”

Source: F1 News

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