Daniel Ricciardo: It’s nice to answer all the critics this way

Daniel Ricciardo will start the Canadian Grand Prix from 5th position – this is his best qualifying result of the season, excluding his start from the second row in the Miami sprint.

This became a kind of response from the Australian to those who criticized him, including Jacques Villeneuve, who the day before categorically stated that Ricciardo’s time was already over and that he had no place in Formula 1.

After qualifying, Daniel commented on his successful performance and, among other things, answered a question about the extremely harsh opinion of the 1997 world champion: “I still don’t know what exactly he said, but I heard that he was talking nonsense. But as always… At least I won’t waste time on him. All these people can go to hell. I would like to add something more, but this is enough…

Of course, it is nice to respond to all critics in this way (Daniel used much stronger expressions that are better left out of the text). This is kind of the icing on the cake. This result is important to me, because I know what I am capable of, and the only thing that upsets me is that I cannot always achieve this.

Of course you always try to set up the car as best as possible, but in many ways I have to take responsibility for the failures. After Monaco we tried to analyze everything and figure it out. To all the people who work with me, my engineers, my environment, I said something like this: “Guys, I’m ready to hear constructive criticism, tell me what you think I should pay attention to? ”

What I heard didn’t even concern what I was doing behind the wheel of the car, but probably how I could spend my energy throughout the weekend… That’s why we prepared for the Canadian stage with renewed vigor and good spirits. . In general, I was very happy with the result – let the malicious people continue to talk nonsense, now is the time!

Source: F1 News

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