Jamie Chadwick earns her first win in Indy NXT

We already talked about British racer Jamie Chadwick’s first pole in the American youth series Indy NXT, but now there is a reason to write about her next achievement, even more importantly.

Jamie became the first woman in history to win an Indy NXT race on a road course. At Road America in Wisconsin, Chadwick started on pole, led all 20 laps and crossed the line first, 0.8 seconds ahead of Andretti teammate Louis Foster.

“I have no words! To be honest, I am overwhelmed with emotions at the moment,” was all Jamie could say after the finish. “We have an incredibly fast car this year and I am very happy that we were able to stay ahead.”

Of course, it’s not just the 26-year-old racer, three-time women’s W Series champion, who now competes on an equal footing with men, who is happy – Michael Andretti, owner of Andretti Global, is also pleased. He was the first to congratulate Jamie on this important success.

“She’s doing great,” Andretti said. “Jamie has worked very hard over the winter to gain more confidence driving these cars and has been very competitive since the start of the season. I was impressed with the laps she completed in qualifying, but even more impressed with how well she positioned the car throughout the race, while still teaching the boys a lesson or two!

Indy NXT is a great program, that’s why we support it, that’s why we invited Jamie. He and Louis Foster are doing great and he has scored a lot of points as well.”

Jamie became only the third driver in the history of this youth series to reach the top of the podium, but a long time has passed since her previous victory: in 2010, her compatriot Pippa Mann won the race at the oval speedway in Kentucky.

Source: F1 News

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