Jacques Villeneuve: Ricciardo’s reaction was unprofessional

The verbal skirmish between Jacques Villeneuve and Daniel Ricciardo continued after the finish of the Canadian Grand Prix. It all started with the words of the 1997 world champion, who said on Friday that with such results Ricciardo has no place in Formula 1. After qualifying, in which Daniel showed the fifth fastest time, the Australian reacted rather rudely to Villeneuve, using of unprintable expressions. .

Speaking on Sky Sports on Sunday, Jacques called the RB driver’s reaction unprofessional: “His reaction was a bit personal, but Ricciardo is a role model, just like all twenty drivers in Formula 1. You perform at the highest level and you have to deliver, answer questions professionally.”

Children listen to you! You cannot take the discussion to a personal level. I was interested to know [со слов Риккардо]Turns out I hit my head a lot while playing hockey.

It takes a thick skin to be impervious to criticism, and I managed to get under his skin. However, this had a positive effect on his pilots. But this is not enough – he needs to show such results more often.

Ricciardo feels enormous pressure on his shoulders and it works. He did well in the Miami sprint, did well in qualifying in Canada, but it’s not enough for the whole season. He needs more performances like this.

When asked if he still thinks Ricciardo doesn’t belong in Formula 1, Villeneuve replied: “Yes. He was fast, but you’re only as good as your last performance. He should perform at the same level in the next races [как в Канаде]”

Source: F1 News

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