Famen: There are no serious disagreements in the team

Famen: There are no serious disagreements in the team

In the final laps of the Canadian Grand Prix, Alpine asked Esteban Ocon to let Pierre Gasly pass. Esteban didn’t like this very much, but he complied with the order and let his partner drive ahead. Team leader Bruno Famen assures that this has not led to new tensions in the team.

“There are no serious disagreements within the team,” Famen said after the finish of the race in Montreal. “They are racers, and if you ask a racer to give up position to a partner, usually no one readily accepts such a request. We made this decision in the best interest of the team.

Esteban had trouble mustering energy and slowed down everyone behind him. This was even clearly visible on the television screen. There was a risk that both Haas drivers would overtake us, so we gave those instructions.

After the finish the riders always say one thing, but the next day they have a different opinion.”

Source: F1 News

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