Allison: Barcelona will be a good test

Allison: Barcelona will be a good test

After completing each stage, Mercedes summarizes the results by talking to a representative from the technical headquarters. After the Canadian Grand Prix, James Allison took over this role…

James Allison: “We expected the new wing to show good results, better than in Monaco, as the Canadian circuit, although unusual, is still more traditional than in the Principality.

And so it happened. The car became easier to drive, the balance improved, it ceased to be a source of trouble for the racers, but began to help them.

Previously, riders complained that the range of optimal settings was too narrow, but now we’ve expanded it significantly. There is still much to be done, but the Barcelona round, where there are more cornering conditions and a warmer track, will allow a better assessment of the car’s performance.

The changes we made have made the car better, and this will be the case at every subsequent track. The peculiarities of Montreal are such that we looked a little better there than in the coming races. I think we will be competitive on all tracks, but we won’t be able to fight on the front row.

The next stages will be a tougher test for the car: hot asphalt, higher cornering speeds and so on. I know what awaits us. And I know we will continue to improve the car. Our goal is to progress faster than our competitors so that we will ultimately be as competitive on all circuits as we were in Montreal.”

Source: F1 News

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