Bottas won a cycling race organized by him

Bottas won a cycling race organized by him

For the second year in a row, Valtteri Bottas organized the FNLD GRVL cycling race in his home country, near the Finnish city of Lahti – it seems that this sporting event is becoming traditional, and it once again coincided in date with the Le Mans Marathon.

The Finnish Sauber driver showed his excellent physical condition and won the 114 kilometer cycling race, which took place on unpaved roads, completing the distance in 3 hours and 35.32 seconds.

“A beautiful day! I can’t believe I did it! – shared Valtteri. – Although it wasn’t easy, at the end of the distance I felt my legs starting to cramp, but still it was a fun race to start to finish.

This is my first victory on gravel – the 114km course was in our lake area, and in my opinion these are the best gravel roads in the world!”

Of course, journalists had no choice but to ask him about the future prospects in Formula 1, which look very vague. But he chose to laugh it off and didn’t say anything definitive.

“Is there a contract on my desk? “I cannot share detailed information,” the Finn replied with a smile. – Maybe he’s there. Maybe not. But a lot depends on what Carlos Sainz does.

The situation on the pilot market will then immediately become much clearer. This is what the teams are waiting for, that’s why they don’t make decisions. But for now, none of this matters to me.”

Bottas also said a few words about this season, which is going very badly for Sauber: “There is no point in giving up to improve, even if the rest of the championship promises not to be easy. But of course we can still hope for better results.”

Source: F1 News

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