Alpine may abandon Renault engines

Alpine may abandon Renault engines

As soon as Toto Wolff suggested that some power unit manufacturers are already falling behind and creating a new generation of engines for the 2026 season, the British press writes that Alpine is ready to abandon the Renault factory engine and switch to customer engines.

There has been no formal confirmation of this information, but it is rumored that team boss Bruno Famen has been in discussions with power unit manufacturers in recent weeks to see which ones could be available.

If the information is correct, it means that Renault already understands that they will not be able to create a competitive engine in the next year and a half, as was already the case when switching to hybrid power plants in 2014, and are thinking about not doing so. spending tens of millions of euros on a clearly losing project.

Not so long ago, Top Gear magazine published a humorous comment that the Alpine team would stop working with Alpine. In particular, it included the following sentence: “As part of the ongoing restructuring and to increase the pace of racing and the pace of modernization, the Alpine team has reached an agreement with Alpine that they will ultimately go their separate ways. of the 2024 season.”

This is the case when a joke can turn out to be prophetic.

Source: F1 News

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