Video: lap around the circuit in Barcelona with Esteban Ocon

Video: lap around the circuit in Barcelona with Esteban Ocon

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, Alpine F1 driver Esteban Ocon completed a lap on a simulator at a virtual version of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, talking about the main features of the Catalan ring.

Esteban Ocon: “Hello everyone! Today we drive in a simulator and have to drive a lap around the Barcelona circuit. I’ll show you, so go ahead! To go!

This circuit is probably the one we have studied the best because we have done a lot of testing here in Formula 1. Now we are in the third sector, and in the new version here you have to go full throttle. In general, the 3rd sector is great here, we go through the last corner in qualifying mode almost at full speed, and on the straight DRS opens up…

But let’s go through the first and second sectors first. We brake approximately before the place where the highway exit is on the left, and here it is important to maintain the highest possible speed. We try to keep a good rhythm, accelerate hard for Turn 3 and go through it at full throttle, then go as far to the left as possible and attack at the entrance to Turn 4.

We then use the width of the track as much as possible on the left side and slow down for about 50 meters (from the next bend), maintaining the speed at the entrance. The track here is downhill, so it’s quite easy to lock the brakes, and you need to be careful to avoid this.

Turn 7 is quite tricky; you can’t get too wide because there are high curbs. If you have a good car, then turn 9 should be taken at full throttle and at the exit we open the DRS, after which we enter the new 10th turn, which is actually not so new, as it was changed two years ago.

At the entrance you should attack more aggressively than before, as you can now get through much faster. In Turn 12 the tires start to overheat, but fortunately the chicane is not that slow and you can drive at full speed.

The last corner is also fast, but we take it with the accelerator not fully pressed, and then we open the DRS and complete the lap of the Barcelona circuit.”

Source: F1 News

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