Bottas: I think the best advice was given by Mika Hakkinen

Bottas: I think the best advice was given by Mika Hakkinen

A few years ago we once quoted Mika Hakkinen, a two-time world champion, giving advice to Valtteri Bottas, whose career he was managing at the time. But among them there was no advice that the Finnish Sauber driver now talked about and called it the most useful.

“I consider the best advice that Mika Häkkinen gave me, and I considered him my hero since childhood,” said Valtteri. “Once, when he saw that I was a little upset, he said this: “You should go for a walk in the woods.”

I was surprised and even asked: what? Taking a walk in the woods?

“Yes,” Mika repeated. – Just go to the forest and take a walk there. Attempt.

I tried it and found that it really worked! When you are one on one with nature, your consciousness is somehow restructured and all stress decreases. And it was great! The advice is simple, but if you experience severe stress, go to the forest.”

Judging by the fact that Valtteri has become interested in cycling in recent years and at the same time prefers to ride on gravel and often forest trails, he follows Mika’s long-standing advice quite regularly. Obviously this won’t make the Sauber car faster, but apparently communication with nature helps overcome sporting failures.

Source: F1 News

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