Spanish Grand Prix: stage preview

Spanish Grand Prix: stage preview

The Spanish Grand Prix opens a series of seven European stages. The first three will be held in a row: in Barcelona, ​​​​Spielberg (with Saturday sprint) and Silverstone. The teams will then take a break before double stages in Hungary and Belgium, and after the traditional summer break, two more races in a row: in Zandvoort and Monza.

For years, the Spanish Grand Prix was almost always fifth on the calendar. The team planned new products for it in advance and tested them on an ideal track. But on the current season’s calendar, the Barcelona race is in tenth place, so we are already waiting for the second or third wave of updates.

For spectators the race will often prove to be boring, but not for the fans in the stands: the organizers do everything they can to entertain them from morning to evening. In addition, there are stages of three more series this weekend: F1 Academy, FIA Formula 3 and FIA Formula 2.

Spain was almost without a Grand Prix when Alonso left Formula 1. Attendance dropped, the organizers had no money to hold the podium, but local authorities helped at first, and then due to Covid-19 the races had to be held only in Europe, and the Spanish Grand Prix remains.

This year the stands will be filled – Alonso is in good form, Carlos Sainz will soon be behind the wheel of a Ferrari, and people will come to cheer Verstappen – last year there were almost ten thousand Dutch fans in Barcelona (according to official data).

This year the difference between the drivers of one team is particularly large: the car is suitable for some, but not for others. Max Verstappen has won six of the last nine races – a statistic that is not as spotless as a year ago, but confident, like some other changes in the balance of power. Against the background of his successes, the failures of his teammate Sergio Perez, who recently extended his contract, and RB driver Daniel Ricciardo, who is half as fast as Yuki Tsunoda, are noticeable. They clearly expected more from them and are now actively criticizing them.

However, three European podiums in a row on three circuits with completely different characteristics will certainly influence the balance of power. They are united by the devotion of the fans and, unfortunately, difficulties in overtaking. The weather forecast for the Spanish Grand Prix does not promise any precipitation.

Source: F1 News

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