Video: Circle around Barcelona counterclockwise

Video: Circle around Barcelona counterclockwise

The Ferrari drivers had a lot of fun preparing for the Spanish Grand Prix. Carlos Sainz drove the simulator, but Charles Leclerc advised his partner to drive a lap around the Catalan ring in the opposite direction, that is: counterclockwise. That’s what came out of it…

Charles Leclerc: So Carlos, we are in Barcelona. But only you drive the circle in the opposite direction…

Carlos Sainz: Real? OK. Where do you want me to go?

Charles Leclerc: Straight away!

Carlos Sainz: Wait a minute, let me avoid an accident…

Charles Leclerc: This is one of the best turns of your life! I hope you didn’t crash the car.

Carlos Sainz: I hope not. Can you imagine how I will get through this corner, which we are approaching at 200 miles per hour!

Charles Leclerc: This is cool! Although I would be scared if I were sitting on that stage. Let’s go full throttle, why are you going slower? Such a cool twist! Just look! I wanted to try it too…

Carlos Sainz: This section is really good.

Charles Leclerc: These curves are so cool! Just shoot!

Carlos Sainz: It looks like he’s blind…

Charles Leclerc: And the next one too! Great track! But here it goes up and it is quite possible to overtake.

Carlos Sainz: It seems to me that the speeds in this segment will be too high…

Charles Leclerc: But everything looks very strange, I didn’t even expect it… Stop slowing down already!

Carlos Sainz: Overall it will be great!

Charles Leclerc: What a circle!

Carlos Sainz: I think there are a few points that will make you think.

Charles Leclerc: And so it was a perfect lap around the Barcelona circuit in the opposite direction! I’m going to try it out on Friday during my first training!

Source: F1 News

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