Stroll: I hope we can build on what we started in Canada

Stroll: I hope we can build on what we started in Canada

According to Lance Stroll, the three circuits on which the next races will be held are not the most suitable for the Aston Martin car, but the team will again try to earn points, just like in Canada, where both he and Fernando Alonso managed to finish in the top ten to end.

Lance Stroll: “The race in Canada was held in a very tense atmosphere – it was one of the most difficult races in my memory. I had to drive with maximum concentration all the time, because the part of the track I had to keep the car on was no more than two meters wide and there was no room for error.

But the positive thing is that our team managed to take advantage of all the opportunities we had that weekend, because we really needed a good result. I think our car was a little more competitive in Montreal than in previous stages, although now we have to compete on a circuit with completely different characteristics.

And the next two weekends too: they are all high-speed circuits with long bends. In theory they are not the best fit for our car, but I hope we can build on what we achieved in Canada and earn points this weekend as well.

Although we don’t have any technical innovations at the moment, we will try to get everything out of the car that it is capable of.”

Source: F1 News

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