Wolff: It’s great that progress in Spain has been confirmed

Wolff: It’s great that progress in Spain has been confirmed

After taking third and fourth places at the finish, Mercedes is satisfied with the results of the race…

Toto Wolff, team leader: “The day brought many positive moments. We have made several steps forward in previous races, it is great that this progress was confirmed in Spain. But the goal has not yet been achieved; there is still much to be done to catch up with the leaders. However, we are on the right track and were able to return to the fight.

It was also fantastic to see two of the best overtakes in recent memory. George made a great start and braked late to take the lead, while Lewis overtook Sainz at a key moment in the race.

We haven’t seen Lewis on the Grand Prix podium for a long time and I am very happy that he is back in the top three. We look forward to the next two races in a series of three Grands Prix in a row, and we will continue to build on the momentum.”

Lewis Hamilton (3rd): “Great weekend. I haven’t been on stage for a long time! We are not yet at the top, but in the last races we have made a huge step forward. We didn’t have enough speed to beat the two riders in front of us, but if we can show more consistent results we will be strong. We are on track to catch up with these guys, which is fantastic.

Too bad I had a bad start, the race could have gone a little differently, but I still think third place is our maximum for today.

I’m happy with the way I beat Sainz. I left him plenty of room, we both went through the corner, but I took the lead, which was important at that moment. Austria is leading the way, we are looking forward to it.”

George Russel (4th): “Unfortunately several things held me back today. There was a problem at the first pit stop, but in the final stint the Hard tires did not work so well. However, we have strived to get the best possible result at this time and we have done that by finishing third and fourth. Lewis had an excellent race, the last few Grands Prix make me optimistic.

Last night I dreamed about the kind of overtaking maneuvers I did today in the first corner. I remember Fernando Alonso starting in a similar way in 2013. The wind was a headwind, I knew I could brake quite late and I ended up leading the race. Unfortunately Max was too fast for us today, just like Lando. But two podium finishes in two races are encouraging in the run-up to the Austrian round.”

Source: F1 News

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