Pirelli on the characteristics of the Spielberg circuit

Pirelli on the characteristics of the Spielberg circuit

Before the start of the Austrian weekend, Pirelli recalled the unique features of the Styrian circuit…

The second leg of this year’s first three-race series will take place in Spielberg. This route has a number of special features. First of all, it only has 10 turns. With a length of 4.318 kilometers, the Austrian circuit is third on the calendar after Monaco (3.337 km) and Interlagos (4.309 km), but it does have the shortest lap times.

The circuit ranks second in terms of height difference (63.5 meters), only after Spa, where the height difference is 102.2 meters.

As usual, Pirelli chose a ‘soft’ trio of compounds for this phase – C3, C4 and C5 in Hard, Medium and Soft roles. The track surface is old and very abrasive, but the lateral load is significantly lower than the seasonal average, which reduces wear.

Grip in slow corners and stability under braking are the key factors of the weekend. It is important to prevent your tires from overheating, especially in hot weather. Riders who fail to maintain the required temperature may have difficulty fending off opponents’ attacks in the first and last sectors. Accordingly, air and asphalt temperatures will become an important factor.

In the last two races the two-stop strategy proved fastest when using Medium and Hard tires; last year no driver dared to use soft tires on the course.

Source: F1 News

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