Video: lap around the Red Bull Ring with Pierre Gasly

Video: lap around the Red Bull Ring with Pierre Gasly

Ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Alpine F1 driver Pierre Gasly completed a lap on a simulator around a virtual version of the Red Bull Ring circuit, talking about the key features of the Spielberg circuit.

Pierre Gasly: ​​​​“Hello everyone! This will be a story about the Austrian Grand Prix circuit. It is very fast and there are usually serious problems in qualifying due to traffic. We have to get out of the last corner as best as possible, after which we drive quite quickly along the start and finish straight.

Turn 1 is quite difficult, you have to attack it aggressively and it is very important to get out well. It is followed by a long straight uphill section, and at the end of this section there is another heavy braking before the hairpin (Turn 3), where you can easily lock the left front wheel.

We will try to avoid this, but it can be difficult to achieve the desired grip of the drive wheels during acceleration. Before the 4th bend there is intensive braking again, then the descent begins and when leaving the 5th bend you must use the curb correctly.

Then the best part of the track begins, where the speeds are very high. We come out of turn 6, accelerate to 5th gear and in turn 7 we just let off the gas in qualifying mode, then we start accelerating very early and then we have the last two corners to go.

The feeling behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car is absolutely crazy there, because we hardly use the brakes and try to maintain the highest possible speed, but at the same time it is important to stay within the boundaries of the circuit.

The Spielberg lap is quite short, but you have to work very hard in the cockpit.”

Source: F1 News

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