The case of anonymous letters received by Mercedes is closed

The case of anonymous letters received by Mercedes is closed

During the Spanish race weekend, Toto Wolff had to answer questions about certain anonymous letters, the author of which accused the Mercedes team of sabotaging Lewis Hamilton.

Such letters were received by Wolff, the heads of other Formula 1 teams, the World Championship management and some journalists. Mercedes took this very seriously and contacted the British police, but they found no wrongdoing in the actions of the person who organized such an email campaign.

BBC Sport quoted a spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police: “Police received a statement on June 12 regarding an email received by the Mercedes AMG F1 team. Police have not identified any crime, but the team was instructed on what to do if similar letters continue to arrive.”

The anonymous author assured that due attention was not paid to making Hamilton’s car race-ready, as the seven-time world champion announced he would move to Ferrari in 2025.

Toto Wolff rejected such accusations, calling them “crazy”, and said that together with Lewis he plans to “complete the cooperation on a high level.”

Frederic Vasseur, the head of the Ferrari team, who has long had a friendly relationship with Wolff, also assured that these types of letters are completely contrary to common sense.

“Is it even possible to imagine that a company in which 1,500 people work day and night, doing everything they can to create technical innovations, would damage one of its cars? – Vasser commented. “No one in the paddock will do this because we are all fighting to win the championship.

Every weekend we strive to earn at least one point more than our opponents. Does anyone really admit that the team management can say: “Well, we don’t want this Lewis to earn points anymore, we’ll have to do without him.” How do you imagine that?….”

Source: F1 News

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