Lando Norris: We want to fight, not complain

Lando Norris: We want to fight, not complain

McLaren is now on the rise, with the team’s drivers regularly fighting for the podium and often climbing there, so the interest in them from the British press before the weekend at Silverstone is as high as possible.

Especially after the events of last weekend, when Lando Norris challenged Max Verstappen, and it all ended with a collision on track. Of course, Lando was asked during the morning broadcast of the popular British Radio X about his mood as he prepared for his home race.

“Overall the mood is good,” Norris replied. “I am looking forward to the British Grand Prix, but at the same time I had to analyse everything that happened in Austria and I can say: I would not change anything about my actions.

I fought, because we just really want to fight on the track, and not complain. Of course I don’t want everything to end the way it ended back then, and now I’m talking about Max and myself. But that’s life, because we both strive for victory and fight to the limit. Although some cross this line…

At the same time, I have a fighting spirit, there are new battles ahead and I am ready for them. After Austria, opinions were divided: some think I was right in that duel, others support Max, but that will always be the case. Although all this is not so easy, because it is much more difficult to act when you are fighting on the track.

It is easy to ask questions like: “Why did you do this and not another?” But when you are driving a racing car, decisions have to be made in fractions of a second, so it is very difficult to drive with maximum precision. And it is impossible to judge whether it was necessary to move a few more centimeters to the side.

But we are facing a very difficult opponent, but we like that. We don’t want everything to be easy, we want to win, and when there is a very tough fight, there is a smile on our face, and for everyone who is watching from the outside. I like this spectacle.”

Source: F1 News

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