Button: I admit Lando gets the champagne now!

Button: I admit Lando gets the champagne now!

Jenson Button has analysed the recent incident between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris from a driver’s perspective and believes that a more severe punishment should not have been given to the three-time world champion, although such opinions have also been expressed. Button also said on Sky Sports that the British McLaren driver could climb to the top of the podium at Silverstone.

Jenson Button: “The British Grand Prix is ​​​​spectacular anyway, but after what happened in Austria there are a lot of talking points. Personally I enjoyed watching that race because the battle on the track was incredibly interesting.

The duel between Max and Lando will be analyzed for a long time and remembered for many years to come, and I hope that these two riders will still fight for the championship title. You can talk for a long time about how Max behaved, about the fact that he changed gear while braking and deserved a heavier penalty.

This is a controversial issue, but in my opinion he did not deserve a heavier fine. I think Max actually moved a bit to the left when braking, but that happens sometimes. You look to the right and the car moves to the left, although I think Max moved in that situation because Lando was there.

This is exactly the problem and Max got a 10 second time penalty. But Lando could have moved further to the left, there was still space on the track and then he would have avoided contact with Verstappen’s car.

Incidentally, something similar happened a year ago in Austria in the same corner, when Carlos Sainz was on the outside edge of the track and Max took the inside path. Carlos then switched to the left in exactly the same way as Max does now, who then also followed him slightly to the left, driving onto the kerb, and the incident was avoided.

These are all examples of a really intense battle on the track, although sometimes something can go wrong, and then we talk about it for a long time, but it is still great that we have something to talk about! Moreover, the confrontation between these two racers will continue for the next years. I think that they will now fight for the victory at Silverstone. But I fully admit that the victorious champagne goes to Lando this time!

Source: F1 News

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