Carlos Sainz: I think it’s good to give myself time

Carlos Sainz: I think it’s good to give myself time

On Thursday at Silverstone, Carlos Sainz was asked whether the uncertainty over his contract for next season was seriously distracting him from the battle…

Carlos Sainz: “To be honest, it is very distracting. I will not lie. From Monday to Thursday, before I go to the circuit, I am always on the phone, in meetings with my managers, with representatives of the teams I communicate with, trying to understand the full picture of the situation. This takes a lot of time and energy, instead of completely disconnecting and recovering.

All this time my mind is somewhere else, you are thinking about your future and wondering what it will be like, so the situation is not ideal.

When I arrive at the track on Thursday, I feel like I can perform as if I am at a briefing with the engineers. And only when I put on the helmet do I feel 100% ready to fight. I think the weekend in Austria proves that I am still at a high level and having one of my best seasons in Formula 1. In a situation with a stable contract you can always achieve more, but on track I don’t allow myself to think about it.

Only after a long time you can understand whether you did the right thing by signing the contract. There are some guesses, a desire to anticipate the situation and just luck. It is impossible to judge the form of the teams in the short term, in the next races or next year. That is why I think I need maximum time to make such an important decision. The outcome of the next years of my life depends on this, so I think it is good to give myself time.

Source: F1 News

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