Lando Norris: Now there are many of us involved in this fight

Lando Norris: Now there are many of us involved in this fight

At Silverstone, Lando Norris led the race twice but only finished third and was disappointed with the result…

Q: Lando, you were leading this Grand Prix, you were riding at an excellent pace, is there a feeling of a missed victory?
Lando Norris: I have heard this a lot lately and I don’t want to repeat it. Yes, many things went well in the race, but we lost at the last pit stop. One lap decided everything. Although, even if I had driven perfectly, our decision to switch to Soft was wrong. I think Lewis would still have won. And these two mistakes cost us a lot. It’s a shame, especially at Silverstone.

Q: What will you tell the engineers when you recap this week’s race?
Lando Norris: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it yet.

Q: Hungary is ahead. Lewis is looking forward to it. I think Max too. Now the battle is between all of you?
Lando Norris: There are more participants. Oscar and George are also waiting, and Ferrari will probably improve. Now there are many of us in this fight. I am sure it will be interesting.

It’s clear that on race day we weren’t quick enough. I think Mercedes had the advantage in the dry conditions and we looked a bit better in the changing conditions.

But this weekend our car was again one of the fastest. We were in the lead because we were close to the leaders. We have something to work on, both for the whole team and for me personally. It is important to always take all the factors into account. It is a shame that we missed out on several occasions this season what should have been ours.

Source: F1 News

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